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What is Seven G

Seven G is a visual media studio  providing digital rendering and photography services to architects, landscape architects, designers, and developers.

In addition to accuracy in representation, it is also important to understand the role of emotion in the reception of your project vision.  A drawing should do more than inform...it should elicit an emotional response from the viewer. Seven G is committed to ensuring your clients, your consultants, or your public audience not only understand, but are excited by your vision.

The Process

How does all this work?  Good question, it's a common one.  I'll try to explain a bit.

The first step is an indepth conversation about your project needs, budget, deliverables, and how you plan to use your illustrations.  Once I have an understanding of the project, you can send me your design materials and I can get started. Be it a napkin sketch or a fully detailed 3D model, I can work with whatever you have.

In early phase projects, it's not uncommon for there to be little or no existing model work completed.  Occasionally, there may not even be design work in place.  In these cases, I'll fill in the gaps and fully model the project for your approval prior to view selection and final rendering.  The farther along the design process, the more likely there will be a working model for me to start with.  Be it 3DSMax, Revit, Rhino, or Sketchup I can take your model and prep it for final rendering.  Once you've approved the camera angle and look, I'll render (I favor V-Ray) and post-process in Photoshop. 

Of course every project is different, but most fall into this general structure.  I've started with as little as "Make it look like a cool restaurant!" and worked to the other end of the spectrum where every joint in the aluminum paneling is going to be scrutinized. Regardless of where you are in the design, I can help.


Why Seven G?

Still not convinced?  Here's the hard sell.

I've been doing this since 2009 and illustration is what I do all day every day.  I've worked on projects ranging from private residences to multi-billion dollar airports and everything in between.  Chances are I've worked on a project similar to yours, and if not I love a new challenge.

If you've ever used an overseas firm for your rendering needs, you know the challenges presented by timezone and language barriers.  Most likely I'm nearer to your timezone than China and I speak English...and occasionally bad Spanish or even worse Greek.  I may even be cheaper than those other guys, although not always.  My clients are spread all over North America and most projects can be handled with a few phone calls and some email exchanges.  You don't even need to leave your desk.

But this guy is an artist...

True enough, but don't hold it against me.  I promise I'm not a flake.  You can rest assured that every project I work on is delivered on time and within contract.  Even when you make those last minute changes I wasn't expecting...

  • Gavin Woodworth
    Owner, Founder, CMFIC
    I've been a digital artist since I sat down in front of my first Macintosh in 1984.  While initial efforts were of mixed quality, they showed promise (for a five year old).  From MacPaint I moved on to Photoshop 1.0 and began a love affair that continues to this day.  In 2009, after a decade long foray into Landscape Architecture, I started Seven G and returned to my roots.  I may not draw Superman as much as I did in the 80's,  but the groundwork hasn't changed.  Just me, a computer, and a goal of making the best damn digital drawings that I can.


and counting


lets not count the revisions, shall we?


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